PNWCA 2022 Celebrates Lisa Ede: Mentor, Scholar, Teacher, and Friend

Dr. Lisa Ede, Emerita Professor of English at Oregon State University, passed away on September 29, 2021, and with her passing, the writing center, rhetoric, and composition communities lost a profound teacher, mentor, scholar, activist, and friend. Early this summer, the PNWCA will gather virtually to celebrate Lisa’s life and work and to share ideas about the work of writing centers and the teaching of writing that intersect with the body of scholarship produced by Lisa, or by Lisa and co-authors, over the course of her nearly 40-year career.

For this year’s PNWCA celebration, peer writing consultants, writing faculty, administrators, and others in the writing center and composition communities will, we hope, find a variety of entry points for participation, including some of the following areas of interest to Lisa. First, we invite participants to share about a subject Lisa championed: the theorizing and practice of co-authorship and collaborative writing. Additionally, those who knew Lisa knew well her generosity and mentorship, so we honor that mentorship during our celebration this year. Lisa was also witness to a series of paradigm shifts within the writing center field, so we invite participants to put on their historians’ hats and consider investigating a trend or development in writing centers as a discipline, perhaps one that Lisa also set her mind to.

Finally, participants will have the opportunity to learn about Lisa and the Writing Center she directed for 30 years; share personal remembrances of Lisa’s mentorship and friendship; and, in the spirit of collaboration and co-authorship, share research and writing ideas during a session designed specifically to facilitate collaborative writing partnerships and a collaborative writing group that, we hope, will take on lives of their own.

Read the complete invitation to participate here. Proposals for participation will be accepted through Monday, May 16 and can be submitted here.

Event Details:

Celebration date: June 10, 2022, 1 pm – 4 pm Pacific/4 pm – 7 pm Eastern

Proposals for participation deadline: Monday, May 16

Register (free) at

Delivery: Remote via Zoom (Zoom link will be sent to registrants on the morning of June 10)

Registration Cost: Free